Deadlift Dynamite Review – Is It Good?

by admin on November 10, 2012

Can You Really Learn The Details, Progressions And Comprehensive Technical Tips That Will Honestly Allow You To Get Bigger And Stronger Every Single Year – No Matter Whatever Your Existing Level Of Expertise…?

…because that’s exactly what Deadlift Dynamite is saying it can offer. So naturally, we consider it our duty to see if this “how to” book really can deliver on it’s promise, or it’s just more of the same old, same old that can easily Deadlift dynamite Deadlift Dynamite Review   Is It Good?be found elsewhere.

Read on to discover if Andy Bolton and Pavel Tsatsouline’s much hyped offering really is what it’s cracked up to be, or if you’d be better off keeping your money safely in your wallet…

What do you get for your money?
What Deadlift Dynamite is, is an instant download e-Book that provides you with a whole bunch of experience, knowledge and techniques from two of the world leaders in the subject of strength training and power lifting.
You can expect to discover the following:

  • Proven Strength Techniques to perform enormous deadlifts. And not only for those who’re already big and strong, because the book covers everything you need to get to this level, no matter where you are along your personal strength training journey right now.
  • Speed and Power Building to ensure that you can explode and dominate in any kind of hard core sport. After all, the stronger your body, the more successful a sportsperson you’ll be.
  • Assistance Exercises that will allow your strength and muscle mass to build and move up to the next level.
  • Safety and Emotional Issues are well covered, meaning that you cover every aspect of the sport of powerlifting and strength training.
  • Diet and nutrition are well-covered in the book. Because without the right fuel, how can you expect your body and strength to increase.
  • Motivational Tips have their own dedicated section of the book. After all, we all lose motivation on occasion, but with the right thought processes we can all overcome these natural stumbling blocks.

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Who is it for?
Want to get bigger? Want to get stronger? Want to get more powerful? Perhaps you just want to improve your physique. Well, in all of these cases then Deadlift Dynamite is specifically targeted just for you. In fact, perfecting the deadlift is something that so many people aspire to, but never actually manage to get there. If you’re serious about improving your deadlift, then Deadlift Dynamite is gonna become your best buddy, that’s for sure.

Who are Andy Bolton and Pavel Tsatsouline?
AndyandPavel Deadlift Dynamite Review   Is It Good?As if these guys need any introduction in the world of power lifting and weight training! Andy is a 6 time world champion and multiple record holder powerlifter, and Pavel is well-known as a renowned authority in strength training, as well as being a consultant of several US government agencies and a civilian trainer. Together, these guys represent what is perhaps one of the most respected and knowledgeable teams anywhere in the world, and certainly have physiques that show that they practice what they preach.

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The Pros

  • For anyone who wants to add large slabs of granite strong muscle to their physique, the deadlift is the one exercise, if performed correctly, that can aid you in this task. Every single tip and technique that you need to know about carrying this out in the right manner is covered in Deadlift Dynamite – in fact, it’s probably the ultimate educational tool on the subject.
  • One thing that’s covered in Deadlift Dynamite are the precautions you need to take to ensure that you carry out your power strength training with minimum risk, yet optimum gain. This means that you can train your body to the max, whilst literally bullet-proofing yourself against injury.
  • The book takes you right from the start, so no matter what your level of expertise, you can learn exactly how to carry out the all important deadlift correctly, and become bigger and stronger in the process.
  • It doesn’t only cover the physical aspects, but also the emotional aspects of power lifting as well.
  • Oh – and the fact that the book comes with a no-quibble, 60 day, 100% money back guarantee means that you can test drive Deadlift Dynamite at no risk to your hard earned cash whatsoever.

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The Cons

  • Well, the biggest so-called ‘con’ of Deadlift Dynamite is that because you’re seriously going to pack on the muscle, that you raise the likelihood of people thinking that you might be taking advantage of certain illegal substances. But, and this is the great thing about the deadlift and Deadlift Dynamite, you’ll be able to give a self-satisfied smirk if anyone ever makes a snide comment in this respect, and put them right – smackdown!

The Bottom Line
Well, well, well. We certainly didn’t expect to actually like Deadlift Dynamite, let alone be hugely impressed by it. But impress us it has, and we can certainly say that for anyone who’s serious about getting bigger and stronger, that Deadlift Dynamite has all the information that you’ll ever need.

Well done guys! You’re certainly going to have a whole bundle of satisfied customers….
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